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Last night on our way to the Illinois Farm Bureau Commodity Conference we needed to grab some supper. Chad and I based our drive through choice on the fact that Culver’s has a thank a farmer ad campaign. I’m a fan of most fast food chains, but last night I wanted to thank Culver’s with my hard earned farming dollar.

So thank you, Culver’s, for supporting farmers and the FFA program!


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This summer has been pretty good for us. We’ve been extremely busy, always a project to work on! The one thing that’s been unpleasant is lack of rain…again. Luckily, with the wet spring we had, the soil still has moisture in it. The wells and creeks haven’t faired as well.

Today we are finally getting a slow steady rain that should help replenish the wells and creeks. Hauling water to the livestock is never a fun job, but one that has to be done. Today we shouldn’t have to haul! And I’m betting that the cattle and horses are enjoying a bath.




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Fat cattle near Rugby, England

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Wordless Wednesday

Rain headed our way!


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