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The fields are starting to dry out…harvest is just around the corner. 20130828-165537.jpg


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Here we go!

So for my first post,  I guess I’ll start of with a little background on myself and our family farm.  My name is Stacy.  I am married to Chad and we have two daughters, Lana and Bridget.

Here we are this summer with some of our cows.

We farm near the town of White Hall, Illinois, with Chad’s family.  Our daughters are the 7th generation of Schutz’s to farm.  There are five of us families that all farm together: Chad and I, his parents, uncle, brother, and cousin.  In 1842  the Schutz brothers came to the US from Germany and settled and farmed in Greene County.  We still farm the land they settled on.  Personally, I think that is pretty awesome…what a heritage!

All the generations of us working together!

Picture time this fall.

On our farm we raise corn, cattle, hogs and soybeans (some years).   Each person does many jobs on the farm which could be caring for the  hogs and cattle, the machinery, field seasons, working the soil, building and machining, bookwork, or even delivering meals to everyone.  It is nice to have people that can fill in if we have to be gone.

Livestock is the part of the farm that  we (Chad and I) enjoy the most.  We enjoy producing meat for our own families to eat, along with the rest of the world.  We are lucky and get to have the majority of the critters at our house along with our horses.

I am a stay at home mom/farmer.  It is a full time job to raise our daughters and do whatever is needed on the farm daily.  I don’t think any of my days are ever exactly the same.  You don’t always know what may be needed.  It ranges from weighing hogs, feeding cattle, driving a tractor, scooping manure, running to get parts, helping fix a piece of equipment, to feeding a bottle calf.

~ Feeding Annie the bottle calf ~

As a grain and livestock farmer, I feel responsible for helping the consumer to understand where their food comes from.  And as a mother of two little girls, I understand the need to make sure what I am feeding them is safe and healthy.  I hope to use this as another tool to do that.  I am really looking forward to sharing our lives with you and answering any questions that I receive!

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